Part time jobs | Easy Side income ideas | Side Business ideas | Extra income ideas

Part time jobs | Easy Side income ideas | Side Business ideas | Extra income ideas

Do you think that the current income is not enough?
What will you do? The best solution is side business, Part time jobs. Focus on a side business, Part time jobs. This article for you, Easy side business/ income ideas. Don’t worry, you can do it while doing a job.

Graphic designing

They are lots of opportunities on the internet for this and highly paid.
A Graphic designer creates many things. Some of them, create billboards, posters, bus wraps, logos and marketing materials, packaging, Magazines, reports, edit photos, User interface design, etc.

Online works. ( Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, Youtube, etc)

What is your ability? Make money with it online, using the above platform.
There are a lot of ideas,

  • Teaching
  • Website building
  • Logo design
  • Writing
  • Solve problems
  • Photo editing
  • Singing
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Play instruments
  • App development
  • Dropshipping
  • Web design
  • Mobile design
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Business card create
  • Type settings
  • Data input
  • Translation
  • Post writing
  • Data entry
  • Project management
  • Presentation
  • Legal thing
  • Counseling
  • Voice cover
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Music lesson
  • Gaming
  • Cooking lessons
  • For more ideas – visit Fiverr, freelancer, and etc

Cab service

Join a cab service that operates over a mobile app or normal. While going to your workplace and while coming back you can have a separate income offering your vehicle as a Taxi. You can use a bus, car, van, lorry, ambulance, etc.


If you’re a music lover, this is the best side income for you. You can cover events in the evening and weekends. You can perform Club DJ, Mobile DJ, Music producer, Radio DJ, turntablists.

Types of DJ events,

  • Corporate function
  • Aftershow parties
  • Product launches
  • Fashion shows
  • Wedding
  • Christmas
  • DJ Night
  • TV Program
  • Stage
  • Live show
  • The marketing stunt
  • House party
  • New year celebrations
  • House party
  • The graduation ball

Event Photographer

You can cover evening events and weekend events.

Presenter ( Public speaker)

People will come to you if you are a good public speaker. If your good at public speaking, use your ability as a separate income.

Wedding/ Birthday cakes

You can make wedding / Birthday cakes. It is a good idea. Cake decorating, Cake design, Cake selling. It is a profitable side business.

Fitness/ Zumba trainer

It is a good way to keep yourself healthy & Energetic. While you keeping your fitness and health, you can generate a side income.


It is very interesting to be with plants and nature. Some of the roles of a landscaper, Maintain and build, parks, gardens, outdoor things, etc. Their duties are beautiful. Planting vegetation, removing weeds, fertilizing, pruning plants, etc. What Are the Duties of a Landscaper?

Rent your car / Lorry

You can rent your car, bus, lorry, three-wheeler, tractor, with a driver or without. Rent your car with who without a driver. At least you can pay the least rental with this income.

Buy and sell a business

Vehicles, Motorbikes, electronics, much more which have second-hand value. Purchase items that have a secondary market value. You can resale those with a profit margin.




  • Excellent /Good computer literacy
  • Proficiency with cameras and equipment
  • Interpersonal skills


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