Higher Education Options – After O/L and With A/L

Higher Education Options – After O/L and With A/L

 This article about some Higher education options after the Ordinary Level (O/L) in Sri Lanka. Most Sri Lanka students are choosing to demanded Higher education options. Those who do their ordinary level exam successfully can either do Advanced Level (A/L) or skip A/L. If you decide to do a/l first of all you have to choose a relevant subject stream for you to do. There are five main subject streams. * higher education options *

  • Biological Science
  • Physical Science (Mathematics)
  • Commerce
  • Art
  • Technology  (New Stream since 2015)

Biological Science

If you’re doing Biological Science you have to engage with following 3 Subjects.

  •  Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics or Agriculture
Red Doctor
Red doctor

Physical Science

If you’re doing Physical Science you have to engage with following 3 Subjects.

  • Combined Mathematics
  • Chemistry or ICT
  • Physics
Engineering Maths
Engineering Maths

Commerce Stream

If you’re doing Commerce you have to engage with following 3 Subjects.

  • Economics or ICT
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
A Manager
A Manager


If you’re doing Art you have to engage with any 3 of the following subjects.

  • Sinhala
  • Logic
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Home Economics
  • Accounting
  • A Technological Stream Subject
  • Geography
  • Buddhist Civilization
  • Hindu Civilization
  • Sanskrit
  • English Literature
  • Languages
  • It
  • History
  • Media
  • Aesthetic subjects
  • Also, you can do Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture


If you’re doing technology, you have to engage with following 3 subjects.

  • Science for Technology (SFT)
  • Engineering Technology (ET) or Bio-System Technology (BST)
  • English/ IT/ Economics/ Geography/ Commerce/ Accounting or Arts

Before choosing what subjects stream you’re going to do for A/Ls you have to think carefully rather than doing what others want. Do this do that be a lawyer. be an engineer. be an accountant. be a doctor. it is more demanded than other subjects. Don’t do that subject do this do not worry about what others say or what others force you to do. It’s not about someone else’s life. It’s about your federal life. It will be better if you can take your own decisions with your parents rather than considering what others say.

There you must mainly think about your Skills and  Ability. As an example; If you’re not brainy for mathematics but flint in Speaking and Arguing. Don’t force on choosing a subject stream like physical science but if you believe that you can improve your skills and if you work hard for it. It will be better for you to choose a subject stream like art and choose subjects like political science, drama and etc. * higher education options *

The books
The books

Higher Education Options with A/L

More than that doing what you desire will bring you a great victory. So it’s more important to think about your skills and ability. As well as what you desire rather than worrying about what the outside world says.  Nowadays it has become much popular doing a Professional course while continuing a/Ls. In the present, there are such many courses for those who are interested in improving their knowledge while taking its advantages to bright their future.

  • AAT
  • CIMA

AAT and CIMA are such two courses for those who are interested in commerce and accounting.

  • FIT
  • BIT

FIT and BIT will be important for those who are interesting in information and communication technology.

  • Diplomas
  • Languages

 Also, there are many diploma courses as well. cookery diplomas, Needle painting diplomas, ICT diplomas are some of them. Also while doing A/Ls you can make an effort to learn new languages. Learning languages can bring you huge benefits in the future. It will help you to be a Tourist guide.

You have to manage your time Effectively and Efficiently to get the maximum profit. The next option is you can skip A/L and engage with a higher education system. In the present society doing A/Ls has become a tradition. Because of that most of the people disclose their chagrin about skipping A/Ls also there’s a saying as without A/Ls you can’t do anything in the future or find a job. That is not 100% true. If you jump to a higher education modus operand skipping A/Ls. That helps you to be successful at a young age.

You can either enroll in a private degree program or join a Technical College and Improve your skills. You decide to engage with a private degree program you have to complete a foundation course before the degree program. There are many private universities and institutes in Sri Lanka which allow you to do so to enter the foundation program at least you must need to pass subjects in A/L exam. * higher education options *

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Girl in library
Girl in library

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