Marketing & Selling. What is Marketing/Selling Concepts? What is the Target market group?

Marketing & Selling. What is Marketing/Selling Concepts? What is the Target market group?

Marketing and selling are two important concepts of practice by companies. Those selling concept is considered as an outdated old one concept. Still, it has value.

Selling Concept

In the selling concept, the seller (Company) look into the resources he has and manufacture goods and services by using those resources. And pass those goods and services to the customer by using aggressive selling technics. Such as discount, high advertising, year-end sales, seasonal sales, etc. In the selling concept, the producer does not look into the needs and wants of the customer but produces goods and services according to these wishes or to finish his stock.

Marketing Concept

The marketing concept starts with market research done by the manufacturer in order to find out the needs & wants of the customers. By questionary, interviews, market research is conducted by the manufacturer. And the results will indicate the needs and wants of the customer offer Target Market Group (TMG). The research will be done for a target market group.

Target market group (TMG)
Target market group (TMG)

After finding the needs and wants of the customers the producer manufactures goods and services to suit and satisfy those identified needs & wants and when the customer purchase the goods and services and so many manufactures, the customer will be satisfied and will be motivated to buy the same product over and over again. The reason for this behavior is that satisfied customers will go in search of satisfaction through the goods and services manufacture to satisfy their needs and wants.

Though the marketing concept is the most suitable manufacturing concept for an organization to practice companies cannot reject totally the selling concept. The reason is the needs and wants of the customer will change over a time period. And one future day customers will not buy the goods and services manufactured considering customer’s previous needs and wants. For example, In the marketing concept the manufacturer producer goods and services to the target market group of customers considering their needs and wants. (Say: in January 2005)  

During the year 2005, according to the example, the taste needs and wants of the customer may not change and during this year items produce to satisfy the customers will do it as expected.  But in 2007 the needs, tastes, and wants of the customers will change. ( Example – In January 2005 the fashion of boys wearing short sleeve shirts but in 2007 the fashion has changed to long sleeve shirts).

At this taste to satisfy the customer the company will have manufacturer long sleeve shirt and not short sleeve shirts.

Now what to do with the unsold short sleeve shirts?

short sleeve shirts
yellow and blue plaid dress shirts

This is the situation where the company users selling techniques to dispose of the short sleeve shirts company offers “ Year-end sales “ in the year 2007 or grant 50% discount to earn the cost of production or send those items to pay sellers to shout and sells.  When the short sleeve shirts are sold in this manner. There are customers who will buy though shirts but do not gain full satisfaction out of the product purchase. These customers buy short sleeve shirts not to get satisfaction. But to cover their body with the amount of money they have or suit their economy and nothing else.  Therefore, it is very clear that though the Marketing concept is the most appropriate concept to practice by a company, still there are few instances where the company will have to practice the selling concept as a business strategy.

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