Railway Engineering & How to Study Railway Engineering

Railway Engineering & How to Study Railway Engineering

This Article about Railway Engineering with Subfields & How to Study Railway Engineering. Rail system engineering is a multidisciplinary science. There are several sub-fields under rail engineering. It is a field of engineering which deals with the design, construction, and operation of all railway systems. Covers a wide range of engineering disciplines. for instance including mechanical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, production engineering. As well as industrial engineering. It also includes a number of other important engineering sub-disciplines.

Railway engineering  & Rail light
Railway engineering & Rail light


With the advent of railways in the late nineteenth century. The need for a specialized group of engineers to address railroad engineering & its unique problems arose. With the expansion of the railways and it’s becoming a major economic force. A large number of engineers joined the industry. Among them are Richard Trevithick, Isambard Kingdom, and George Stephenson are special. Today, rail engineering has become a very powerful engineering field. Powerful with the development of major projects such as the channel tunnel. More attention is paid to Rail Transport at present. As well as cargo transport and fuel transport. Both are very useful for developing countries.

Sub-fields of Railway Engineering

  • Energy Electrification
  • Infrastructure Permanent way engineering
  • Command, Control, and Signaling
  • Light Rail systems
  • Rail system integration
  • On-track plant
  • System Integration
  • Rail vehicle engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Wheel-rail interface
  • Train control system
  • Datacenter design
  • Network design
  • Office system design and also the rail gate design
  • Rolling resistance
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Hunting oscillation

Types of Railway/ Railroads

  • Rack Railway
  • Wagonway
  • Plateway
  • Heritage Railway
  • Mountain Railway
  • Fell Mountain Railway System
  • Tourist Railroad
  • Monorail and also more

How to study Railway Engineering

Happily, Universities and Institutes have sprung up today to teach Rail engineering. There are many courses you can take at the University or Institutional level.

  • Railway Safety and Control systems
  • Master in Railway Engineering
  • Railway Systems Integration
  • Rail Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (With railways)
  • Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
  • Transportation Infrastructure Engineering: Sustainable Highways/ Sustainable Railways
  • Geography and Environmental Management
  • Rail Systems engineering & Integration
  • Transportation Management and Rail Vehicle Engineering
  • Master in Science in Rail, Transport & Logistics
  • Transport Engineering and Planning
  • Railway Engineering with Project Management
  • Railway Studies (Online) as well as more courses.



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Two train track crossing
Two train track crossing

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